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  • “You don’t need to be a genius or a visionary,
    or even a college graduate for that matter,
    to be successful.
    You just need a framework and a dream.”
    Michael Dell, founder of Dell.
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    Our Service

    Area Of Specialization

    Leadership and business Development

    We provide the service of helping organizations build tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. Hyinsco Integrated Service also provides the service of creating long-term values for organizations through customers, markets and relationships. This service cuts across Business development Service for both small and large scale organization, profit and non-profit enterprise for the purpose of developing the business to a greater height.

    Our Business development activities include both internal and external research, market survey, online marketing and every other means possible as professional business development consultant that we are.


    Agriculture Management Operations

    Agriculture plays a strategic role in the “process” of economic development of a country. It is the backbone of an economy which provides the basic ingredients to mankind and raw material for industrialization.

    In Hyinsco, we educate and sensitize agriculturist on corporate levels in collaboration with our agro-allied partners and engage in contracts on the supply of inorganic fertilizers to farmers nationwide.

    Health Management

    Life-Style Management

    According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: Heart Disease, Cancer, Lung Ailments, Accidents, Cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. A new study finds that people with high levels of stress were 48% more likely to die or have a heart attack compared with those with low levels of stress.

    Further more,30 Nigerian women die every day from breast cancer, a Nigerian woman dies every hour from cervical cancer; 8,000 Nigerians die from liver cancer every year, prostate can kills 26 Nigerian men everyday and every 2 hours a Nigerian dies from colorectal cancer, and many more.

    However, Recent research shows that in order to combat this epidemic, Diet Improvement and Life Style changes are expedient. A solid Nutritional Foundation is one of the key tools in pursuit of good health, vitality and functional longevity in the fight against chronic diseases.

    In Hyinsco, we provide adequate Nutritional Foundation by running effective trainings and providing effective diet plan for corporate and non-corporate organizations thereby increasing the overall performance of the organization.

    Capacity Building

    We believe employees are the core of every business organization. Therefore, it is imperative for every organization to regularly update their employees with the emerging trends in their respective industries. Training has been, and still is, the pivotal medium to bridge the gap between employees and the latest information and development pertaining to their field of business.

    Ict Development

    Hyinsco integrated service ICT offers various IT Management Services. Our solutions guarantee secure and prompt communication with all business partners regardless of a company’s size and IT maturity.

    ICT services were created to answer the growing demand for comprehensive IT management solutions. Years of experience, knowledge and our own IT infrastructure enables us to provide the highest quality of ICT services.


    From the training perspective, e-learning entails using some form of technology to deliver training and learning content. Our concept of e-learning involves well-designed modules that allow learners to get fully involved – try out things, participate in simulations and tests like never before, and get more out of learning than ever before.